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4919 Pentridge St
Philadelphia, PA, 19143
United States

Cicada Leather Company products are hand-crafted in Philadelphia, PA using the highest quality leathers. The products are cut, sewn, and finished using time honored methods. No machines are used- only human powered tools which have been used by leathersmiths for hundreds of years. Each item is handsewn using traditional awls and specially waxed heavy thread.

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Durable Contemporay Leathergoods Crafted by Hand

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Cicada Leather Company Gift  Card

I will send your gift electronically to your intended recipient upon receiving your order with a copy to you for your reference. You will be asked to fill in a form with your name/email and your recipient's name/email. Each card has a unique code assigned to it and can be redeemed against any items currently available at the time of redemption.


If asked please pick the "Email Gift Card Delivery" option at checkout.  

Sales Taxes

There is no sales tax applicable at the time of purchase for gift cards; to ensure you are not charged tax, please pick any US state other than MN or WI in your checkout details, that will ensure no tax is applied to your order.  As there is no physical delivery it is of no consequence.
Overseas orders do not collect sales taxes either.

There is no expiration date but they cannot be exchanged for cash.  Taxes and shipping will be applied at time of redemption. 

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